A challenge from an author friend

I have been challenged by a fellow author to share ten interesting things about me that my readers may not know about me.  To be honest it’s quite hard coming up with five things, let alone ten and I don’t think of myself as that interesting, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.  So, here is list of what I hope is five interesting things for you.  If I can think of any more to boost the list to ten then I’ll update it in the future, but five will have to do for now!

So here we go…

Colourful: I love absolutely colour, the brighter the better.  My wardrobe is full of it.  I normally end up walking around looking like a rainbow has thrown up on me.  The most quirky part of my colour fascination is that I tend to wear mismatched socks and shoes.  My favourite shoes are my purple/red converse with the red/green laces.  I also have a habit of painting my nails different colours, at the moment they are red, green, orange, purple and yellow.


Snakes and spiders: Most people I know have phobias that centre around snakes and spiders.  I can understand why, but personally I don’t mind them.  I have held a number of different snakes in the past and I do find them absolutely fascinating.  The last time I got up close and personal with one (other than seeing the grass snakes that live in my garden), was when I was in Florida.  I had been out on a catamaran snorkelling and on the way back I was given the opportunity to hold a beautiful brown python.  As for spiders, my house is full of them, and I refuse to kill them, so I normally end up rescuing them before I get into the shower so that they don’t end up going down the plughole.

Not what to do when drunk

Circus: Whilst studying my Acting and Stage Management diploma in the 1990’s (Ha! number six snuck in!) our drama building had to undergo urgent building work/repairs, so we ended up in a rented space at Bristol Circus School.  A few months later, many of us had learned to juggle and tightrope walk, as well as trying out uni-cycling and trapeze.  It was a lot of fun, if hard work, and telling people that “I went to circus school” is a fun talking point, even if it was only for a short period of time because we just happened to be onsite.  I still have my juggling balls, although I don’t use them as often as I used to.


Tomboy: I’m a bit of a tomboy.  Actually, I’m a huge Tomboy.  I live in jeans and trainers (or boots in the winter), and you can often find me doing something random like climbing a tree just for the fun of it.  The one thing I absolutely hate is having to wear a dress or a skirt.  I literally have to be forced into them, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have worn either in the last ten years!  So, enjoy the below photo, it’s not something you’ll see often!


And to balance it out – me up a tree.

There, that’s better!


History: I’m a massive history and archaeology geek.  If there is a Castle, Museum or Historic building within a twenty mile radius I will find it.  It’s like I have a historical homing beacon.  I love nothing better than exploring and discovering more about the history of where I live, or where I am visiting.  A perfect holiday for me is one where I can be let loose to walk around tumbledown ruins for the day so that I can learn more.  I also read and collect history and archaeology books (I have over two hundred currently), and I have completed two Egyptology courses and an Archaeology course, with Exeter University.

_MG_0405 copy

So, there you are, five things about me you may not have known, as challenged by my lovely author friend, who shall remain nameless! I hope you find them interesting.

  • Do you have any interesting quirks or facts that you would ever be willing to share if asked in a similar type of challenge?


Chrissie is an author who loves history and enjoys travelling and days out exploring. www.chrissieparker.com

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