The English countryside

I haven’t done much writing these last few weeks, I decided to take some time off and try to enjoy the festive season, and spend some time with family and friends. I’ve also done a lot of walking and been on a few day trips. They inspired me, so, I thought I’d write a short piece just before I put my feet up again until after the New Year.

Near where I live I’m lucky to have some amazing walks, there’s the Grand Western Canal, the last canal ever built in the UK, that spans from Tiverton up to the Somerset border. It’s full of wildlife, including swans, moorhens, ducks, and a variety of other birds. It’s beautiful, serene, and a perfect place to walk on a cold winter day.

There are also lots of public footpaths, one of them takes the walker across fields to the next village, or you can walk up past a working quarry through a vast avenue of trees. The view is fantastic and it’s lovely walking through the trees, watching the birds flit, kicking leaves as you go.

My favourite trip out this festive season was to Dartmoor with my husband. It’s not far to travel to, and it’s an inspiringly wild and beautiful place. I’d recommend it to any Devon visitor.

First stop was Haytor, a set of granite rocks at the Eastern Edge of Dartmoor. It’s very popular with tourist who like to climb up the rocks. The view from the top is fabulous and you can see for miles.

After leaving Haytor we drove across Dartmoor, via Widecombe in the Moor, stopping in a few places along the way. The beauty of Dartmoor is that most of it is signposted, but it’s still easy to drive off the beaten track and explore. There are plenty of stopping places along the way and every view is different, but equally as incredible as the previous one.

Eventually we ended up at Dartmeet. It’s one of my favourite places on Dartmoor; a famous part of Dartmoor where the east and west tributaries of the Dart rivers meet. In the river near to the main road there’s an interesting stone clapper bridge, even though it’s partially collapsed it’s still a great example. It’s a nice place to stop, take in the scenery and picnic.

So that’s just a small taste of my lovely walks and day trips out. I could write so much more, but instead I’ll leave you with the above and the fun of online exploring.

Happy New Year to you all and see you again in 2017!



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