New Release! The Secrets

I’m happy to announce a new release, something that wasn’t planned, but that has happened all the same. A number of years ago I released a short work of poems and short stories. That book is no longer available, but as I own the copyright the decision was made to re-publish it this year.

So with that in mind I bring you The Secrets, a collection of poems and short stories

What’s it about?

The book contains poems and short stories that I wrote between 1989 and 1995. They cover a range of fictional subjects and thoughts and I wanted to share them with my readers rather than have them stuck in a drawer gathering dust.


Book Description

An imaginative collection of poems and short stories, inspired by a love of ancient history, the English countryside and sites such as Glastonbury Tor, Burrowbridge Mump, Bodium Castle and Giza Plateau.

Exploring life, nature, love, strength and determination, the poems and short stories in this book are both captivating and thought provoking.

“Life is a gift, live it and love it.”

Where can I get it?

You can currently download it on Amazon, and it should roll out on iTunes, Nook and Kobo in the next week. Unfortunately due to it being short it won’t be available as a paperback.


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